Syntea implements series of complex projects

Syntea comprehensively implements projects co-financed by the European Union which improving competence among people at risk of digital divides, as well as supports the process of recognition of professional qualifications among students.

Syntea implements Sieć Szerokopasmowa Polski Wschodniej training component for more than 3 000 inhabitants from Lubelskie and Podlaskie province where will be built regional broadband network. The participants have a chance to increase practical skills of using computer. Participation in training will allow to eliminate disparities among the people who have the difficulty with adjusting to the realities of the information society, and in the long term will increase their chances to independent in the e-society in accordance with their skills and interests.

Another project carried out by Syntea in partnership with the VCC© Foundation under the supervision of the Ośrodek Rozwoju Edukacji is "My profession - my future." It assumes methodical preparation of the information - material that is intended to assist the process of recognition of the suitability and interest among the students of middle schools and high schools. Material which includes guidance on the current classification of occupations, professions promotional videos and multimedia application with instruction could be use by students, their parents and adults. In addition, the project provides training for career counselors and teachers with the ability to use the material in the work with the student and parent. Moreover working tools are in electronic form.