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If an implementation project fails, it always puts system users at risk of making considerable loses involving not only disturbances of sales or production processes but also failures in other areas. In order to prevent such events successfully, implementation activities need to be controlled and analysed by experienced auditors. Effective audit guarantees that the risk of meeting with failure is minimised and the declared aims are pursued properly. Audit of Microsoft Dynamics System may be booked anytime during implementation process, also in the case of considerable risk to the whole project. It can also include other services related to the crisis situation.

The main aim of Microsoft Dynamics system advisory service is to provide users with software and full-scale objective assessment of implementation process as well as to professionally prepare applications and advice allowing them to make amendments and modifications. The audit result also indicates if the way of carrying out and managing the implementation process will guarantee that IT system will be launched within the planned functional scope, declared budget and established tasks schedule. The result also allows correcting the indices.

The main aims of the Audit

  • assessing the unanimity of parties in terms of the agreed cooperation principles,
  • analysing and comparing system recipients' expectations with solutions and services offered by the provider,
  • verifying progress of works in terms of the planned project tasks and funding schedule,
  • identifying threats involved in carrying out the implementation process as well as proper prior planning of activities minimizing the risk of meeting with failure,
  • assessment of users' content-related and practical preparation in terms of using the system effectively as well as giving opinions on competencies of solutions provider,
  • giving advice on contentious issues arising during implementation process.

Advantages for Customers

  • avoiding high costs resulting from carrying out implementation proceedings improperly,
  • objective knowledge about implementation processes,
  • solving disputes between system receivers and system providers,
  • high added value of solutions resulting from their proper appliance,
  • positive attitude of system users towards implemented changes and new solutions,
  • high efficiency of working with software0,
  • shorter time and lower cost of implementing the system and, concurrently, faster return on investment.